Your Comprehensive Guide to Fun Activities Near Magtek Mechanical, New Lenox

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Your Comprehensive Guide to Fun Activities Near Magtek Mechanical, New Lenox


Welcome to New Lenox, IL, where Magtek Mechanical provides top-quality heating and AC services and the locals know how to have fun! Our community is packed full of recreational activities, cultural attractions, and outdoor adventures- there is something for everyone.

Nearby Outdoor Attractions:

For outdoor enthusiasts, the Old Plank Road Trail is a must-visit. This bicycle trail was developed over an old railroad line, and it connects several communities, including New Lenox. Enjoy the fresh air and nature in every season on this beautiful trail. Just make sure your heating or AC unit at home is keeps you comfortable after your adventure, and if not, you know who to call.

Local Museums and Historical Highlights:

If you’re a history buff or museum lover, you’re in for a treat. The New Lenox Area Historical Society is a wealth of local history and hosts many events throughout the year. Additionally, exploring Illinois war sites like the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery is a profoundly moving experience. Then when the day becomes too hot or too cold, the comfort of your home and a functioning HVAC system is just a short trip away.

Vibrant Community Events:

The fun doesn’t stop there. New Lenox also hosts numerous festive events that bring the community together. From summer concerts in the Commons to the community Scarecrow Stroll in autumn, there is always something exciting happening. And if you’re hosting the afterparty, be sure that your guests will be impressed with the impeccable temperature regulation in your house, thanks to Magtek Mechanical’s leading heating and AC services.

New Lenox Dining Scene:

Last but not least, New Lenox boasts a diverse dining scene. For any Italian food fanatics, Gatto’s Restaurant is a must-visit. Alternatively, the Cherry Hill Cafe offers a cozy and classic American dining experience. After a night out, come back to a comfy and well-conditioned home- your reliable solution for year-round comfort.

Discovering fun things to do in New Lenox, IL is part of the fun itself- from explorations under the sun to cozy nights at home, Magtek Mechanical has got you covered.