The Seinfeld of Heating & Air: Why Fast, Friendly Service matters

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The Seinfeld of Heating & Air: Why Fast, Friendly Service matters


Allied Heating and Air Colorado wants to pose this question to you. What’s the deal with Heating and Air Conditioning companies? As soon as there’s a cold snap or a heatwave, they become more elusive than Kramer in a game of hide and seek.

Remember the episode where Jerry’s car breaks down in the middle of Nowhere, USA? He’s waiting on the side of the highway for a tow truck that’s taking forever. It’s kind of like when you are waiting on that technician to come fix the only thing standing between you and a Winter in the Rockies or Summer in the Sahara. Your heater or air conditioner.

Now, in the classic sitcom style, think of us as ‘the opposite.’ You remember George Costanza’s brilliant epiphany, right? Imagine, instead of being everything you dread about repair service, we took the bizarro approach.

Nope, we’re not like Newman. We’re on time. Fast. Reliable. Remember the Soup Nazi’s tagline? “No Soup for You”? Replace ‘soup’ with ‘lengthy wait times’ and you’ve got us pegged. Quick service straight to your door; that’s our thing.

And can we talk about friendly service? Why is it, in the episode where Elaine is trying to get her Russian hat back from the subway lost and found office, the attendant acts like she’s asking for the moon? Remember Jerry’s face when he can’t believe how he’s been treated just for returning a jacket?

At Allied Heating & Air, we’ve flipped the script. We’re more like Jerry’s Parents – welcoming, warm, always ready with a smile, even when you call us at 3 a.m. because your furnace decided to start its own version of Festivus. No Feats of Strength required; we’re here to handle the heavy lifting for you.

Fast & friendly service should be like George’s love for a good Chicken Salad on Rye, or Elaine’s obsession with Jujyfruits, not as rare as a decent meal at Monk’s Café.

So what’s the deal with us using Seinfeld references? We believe that heating and air conditioning service doesn’t have to be a comedy of errors. It can be as predictable as Jerry’s white sneakers and as reliable as Elaine’s killer dance moves, but with a great deal less unintentional humor.

At Allied Heating & Air, we’re all about making sure you’re as comfortable as Kramer in Jerry’s apartment—well, without the mooching. We’re in the business of keeping you cool when Colorado turns into the surface of the sun, and when it flips the script and becomes Antarctica’s twin, we’ve got your heating needs covered as well.

In a nutshell, we’re here to ensure your HVAC experience is no more memorable than a low talker at a party – efficient, effective, and off your mind as swiftly as possible. So when you need fast, friendly service, know that we’re there – not that there’s anything wrong with that!