Innovative Solutions at Linked Equipment

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Innovative Solutions at Linked Equipment


At Linked Equipment, our specialization is in providing comprehensive solutions for expanding your external facilities. Building your business from the ground up is a daunting task, and we take overall hassle out by offering full custom designs according to your specific building needs.

What We Offer

Our services span across diverse areas to cover all your facility construction needs. Examples of our wide range services include Facility Buildings, Modular Offices / Storefronts, Modular Kitchens, Modular Security Vaults, Showers & Restrooms, Storage, Commercial Freezer Refrigeration, and Chemical Storage.

Affordable Housing

At Linked Equipment, we also understand the growing need for affordable housing, which is why our offerings also include designing and building Shipping Container Homes. If you’re looking for cost-effective, functional and comfortable housing alternatives, our team is ready to design your dream home.

Action Against COVID-19

In these challenging times, when the entire world is grappling with COVID-19, we have stepped up to offer community response facilities, government & military assistance and disaster relief support to ensure maximum safety and optimal comfort.

Digital Advancement

In the era of digital advancement, we understand the importance of being technologically forward. Hence, we bring to the table Gain Pod Solutions, Extraction Lab Solutions and Extraction Lab Construction which are designed to meet the growing needs of the digital age.

Committed to Deliver Excellence

Operating at normal working hours, our highly skilled workers have been trained to meet precautions outlined by the CDC to assure customer safety. At Linked Equipment, we lay significant emphasis on delivering excellence and ensuring that our clients get nothing but the best.

Contact Linked Equipment

At Linked Equipment, experienced personnel are available who would be more than happy to answer your queries and provide you with optimal solutions. To take advantage of our wide array of services or for any query, contact us today at 602-314-6020. Our team would be delighted to serve you.