Ensuring Comfort with Apollo Heating & Cooling, Inc.

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Ensuring Comfort with Apollo Heating & Cooling, Inc.


Apollo Heating & Cooling, Inc. firmly establishes itself in the HVAC market through its dedicated and reliable heating services in Saint Clair Shores, MI. The company provides an effective and responsive service that helps mitigate the cold winter months. With their highly trained technicians, Apollo guarantees efficient heating installation that withstands the tough Michigan winters.

Trusted AC Repair in Roseville, MI

In addition to heating solutions, Apollo Heating & Cooling, Inc. also specializes in AC repair services in Roseville, MI. They are committed to ensuring clients enjoy a cool and comfortable environment during the hotter seasons. The company stands out for their quick response time and customer-focused approach, swiftly troubleshooting and fixing any cooling system issue.

Reliable Heating Installation in Warren, MI

Apollo doesn’t just stop at service and repair; they extend their expertise to comprehensive heating installations in Warren, MI. Their team walks clients through the process, from selecting the best unit to suit their needs, to expert installation and regular maintenance. This complete package ensures customers receive the best service that is efficient, reliable, and lasts for years to come. By doing so, Apollo has continued to deliver comfort to Michigan residents, regardless of the season.