DIY Tips for Maintaining Your HVAC System

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DIY Tips for Maintaining Your HVAC System


T. N. Bowes Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. remains your trusted partner in supporting the wellness of your HVAC system. But there are also basic maintenance tasks that can be implemented at home, allowing your equipment to run its maximum potential. Now isn’t that a great way to save some money on heating service in areas such as Leonardtown, MD and Waldorf, MD?

Understanding Your HVAC System

The first step to any journey of maintenance is understanding how the thing being maintained works. Your furnace or air conditioning system is no different. Learn about the components involved in your HVAC system, from the blower motor to the air filter, and educate yourself on their roles within the system.

Filter Maintenance

One simple way to maintain the health of your HVAC system is regular filter maintenance. A clogged HVAC filter reduces the efficiency of the system and can lead to more serious issues down the line. Our leading furnace contractors for areas like California, MD, recommend changing your filter every 3 to 6 months, depending on usage. Remember, a clean system is an efficient system.

Furnace Cleaning and Regular Inspections

In colder regions, such as Saint Charles, MD and Hollywood, MD, maintaining your furnace is especially crucial. Dirt and dust can settle on the inner components of your furnace, causing it to work harder. Regularly cleaning the exterior and interior (with professional help when necessary) extends the life of your furnace.

Raise your HVAC Inspection IQ

While HVAC service experts should handle more complex issues, homeowners can do regular inspections for noticeable problems. Look for leaks, listen for abnormal noises, and pay attention to unpleasant smells. These clues could hint at a problem that may require furnace repair.

Maintaining Your Air Conditioner

Don’t overlook your air conditioning unit in areas like La Plata, MD. When preparing for the summer season, ensure your outdoor condensing unit is clear of debris and the area around it is clean. Check the refrigerant level and ensure it’s at proper levels. If you notice it’s low, contact T.N. Bowes for air conditioning maintenance services.

Embrace “Smart” Thermostat

Investing in a smart thermostat can improve the efficiency of your HVAC system and reduce energy consumption. These thermostats learn your schedule and adjust temperatures accordingly, ensuring you only use what you need.

Contacting Professional HVAC Services

While these DIY tips can help maintain your system, some issues will require the expertise of professional HVAC service providers. Faulty equipment, persistent issues, or questions outside of your knowledge will require the touch of skilled professionals. In such cases, T. N. Bowes Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. is always ready to serve you. Reach out to our team for any HVAC inquiries or needs you may have.

Remember, the better you understand and maintain your HVAC system, the longer it can effectively serve you. You may not always avoid a visit from the heating service Leonardtown, MD or Waldorf, MD team, but implementing these tips can put off that trip for a while. When in need, always reach out to the professionals at T. N. Bowes Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. Happy DIY-ing!