Dispelling Common Myths About Propane, Diesel, and HVAC Services

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Dispelling Common Myths About Propane, Diesel, and HVAC Services


NOCO Energy Corp., a trusted source of energy solutions for over 80 years, delivers comprehensive services that meet the diverse needs of customers in Lockport, Tonawanda, Syracuse, Jamestown, and Akron, NY. From propane delivery to comprehensive energy services and advanced HVAC system maintenance, NOCO is here to debunk some myths surrounding our industries.

Myth 1: Propane is Dangerous

One common misconception about propane is that it’s inherently dangerous. While all fuels, including propane, need careful handling, propane has a strong safety record. It’s stored under pressure and converts to a vapor when used, making it extremely safe. For accurate, reliable information about propane safety, refer to the Propane Education & Research Council guidelines.

Myth 2: Diesel is Bad for the Environment

Another myth is that diesel fuel is considerably harmful to the environment. However, today’s diesel is far cleaner than its older counterpart, thanks to rigorous environmental standards. Advanced engines and clean diesel technologies have significantly reduced emissions, making diesel an effective and efficient fuel option.

Myth 3: You Only Need HVAC Maintenance When There’s a Problem

Many people believe that heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems only require attention when there’s an issue. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Regular HVAC maintenance can prevent future problems, enhance performance, and prolong system longevity.

NOCO is proud to be a provider of various energy services, ranging from propane and diesel delivery to HVAC solutions. As we continue our services throughout the greater New York region, including Lockport, Tonawanda, Syracuse, Jamestown, and Akron, NY, we urge customers to rely on facts, not myths, when considering their energy options.

Whether you require gas for your grill, fuel for your fleet, or heating for your home, trust NOCO to deliver the products and services you need—with a commitment to safety and efficiency that’s second to none.