Debunking Heating and Cooling Myths with Reliable Heating & Cooling

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Debunking Heating and Cooling Myths with Reliable Heating & Cooling


We’ve all heard various myths and misconceptions about heating and cooling systems that we’ve come to accept as facts. Especially in a city like St. C, it’s important to know the truth about AC Service and Furnace Repair. Today, we’ll debunk some common myths with the professional insight of Reliable Heating & Cooling.

Myth 1: Bigger AC Systems are Better

The old adage, “bigger is better,” doesn’t always apply, especially when it comes to air-conditioning units. An overly large unit can quickly cool your home, but it will cycle on and off excessively, consuming more energy and leading to increased costs. The experts at Reliable Heating & Cooling ensure you have the correct unit size for your property, making for efficient and cost-effective cooling.

Myth 2: Turning Your Heat Up High Will Warm Your House Faster

Many believe that cranking the heat up high will heat your home faster, but this isn’t true. Your heating system works at a constant speed. So setting your thermostat to a higher temperature won’t heat your home any faster; it will only result in overheating and unnecessarily high energy consumption. At Reliable Heating & Cooling, we can provide you with a furnace that efficiently maintains your desired temperature.

Myth 3: Ceiling Fans Only Benefit in Summer

Contrary to popular belief, ceiling fans are useful all year round. In winter, setting your fan to spin clockwise can help circulate warm air trapped near the ceiling, helping to evenly distribute warmth throughout your home.

With expertise in AC Service and Furnace Repair, Reliable Heating & Cooling can help you optimize your heating and cooling system for energy efficiency, cost savings, and home comfort throughout the year. Don’t let misconceptions and myths compromise your comfort at home. Contact Reliable Heating & Cooling for professional advice and services today.