Beating the Heat with Michiana

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Beating the Heat with Michiana


Welcome to our humid paradise

As an employee at Michiana, my day often revolves around keeping our clients cool and comfortable during the sweltering summer months. From sunrise to sunset, I’m dedicated to ensuring their ductless HVAC systems, heat pumps, and air conditioners are operating at peak efficiency.

Morning Routine

  • Kickstart the day with a piping hot cup of coffee
  • Review the schedule for the day’s appointments
  • Stock up the van with essential tools and parts for AC services

On the Road

The first stop of the day is usually a routine heat pump repair in Granger, IN. These trusty systems are true workhorses, but they require regular maintenance to keep running smoothly. After a thorough inspection and a few tweaks, the homeowner’s living space is soon refreshingly cool again.

Lunchtime Hustle

There’s no rest for the weary during peak season! I quickly wolf down a sandwich in the van while en route to the next job – an A/C maintenance call in Mishawaka, IN. A thorough cleaning and tune-up ensure this unit will keep pumping out cool air all summer long.

Evening Wrap-Up

  • Final appointment of the day: an air conditioner repair in Edwardsburg, MI
  • Diagnose and rectify the issue, much to the relief of the grateful homeowners
  • Head back to the office, already looking forward to another day on the frontlines of climate control

At the end of the day, there’s no greater satisfaction than knowing I’ve helped countless families and businesses across South Bend, IN, Niles, MI, and beyond beat the heat and stay comfortable all season long.