An Exciting Guide to Local Hotspots Around Bellevue and Edmonds, WA

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An Exciting Guide to Local Hotspots Around Bellevue and Edmonds, WA


All Climate Heating & Air Conditioning is not just committed to making your indoor experience pleasant with its leading services like Heat Pump Service and A/C Repair in Bellevue, WA, and Edmonds, WA. We also want our customers to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of these cities. Here are some local hotspots you might consider exploring:

Situated between Lake Washington and the Issaquah Alps, Bellevue teems with natural beauty and vibrant city life. While we are ensuring your comfort at home with our top-of-the-line services, why not explore the downtown park – an oasis in the heart of Bellevue’s urban centre. If you are an art enthusiast, the Bellevue Arts Museum might intrigue you with its innovative exhibits. And before you head back, indulge in a gastronomic adventure in one of Bellevue’s international restaurants.

Edmonds: A City of Beauty & Broads

An equally interesting part of our service area, Edmonds, WA, offers a plethora of experiences. Start your exploration at the Downtown Edmonds where you can immerse in the local culture and history. Families with little ones may pay a visit to the Edmonds Underwater Park or try bird watching at the Edmonds Marsh. And don’t forget to taste the local cuisines at the numerous restaurants and cafes lining the Edmonds waterfront.

BBQ and Breweries

Bellevue and Edmonds are also home to several microbreweries. Craft beer lovers can sip on a local pint while we fix your A/C or heat pump. In addition, if you have a thing for bbq, the Pacific Northwest BBQ Association hosts competitions to feed your passion.

The crux of our message at All Climate Heating & Air Conditioning is simple: while we take care of making your living space more comfortable and ensuring your systems are working smoothly, seize the opportunity to step out and savor what’s in your backyard.