A Day in the Life at Core Progression Personal Training

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A Day in the Life at Core Progression Personal Training


Ever wondered what a day looks like at Core Progression Personal Training? Join me as I take you through a typical day working at our Northglenn, CO location and get a sneak peek into the exciting world of personal training, weight loss programs and athletic training.

Early Morning: Start Fresh

My day begins early, often just as the sun is rising. After sipping on a cup of freshly brewed coffee, I head towards our gym. The best part of being a personal trainer is that I start my day on an active note, it’s all about streamlining routines for maximum fitness efficiency. The early morning sessions usually comprise of our dedicated Weight Loss Programs, which are designed meticulously based on individual body types and fitness goals.

Mid Morning: Personal Training Sessions

As the early risers wrap up, the gym starts filling with clients for personal training sessions. One-on-one sessions ensure that every exercise, every rep is targeting the right muscle and maximizing the benefits. It’s inspiring to assist of our clients in finding their strengths and coaching them not to give up on their pursuit of fitness.

Afternoon: Athletic Training

After a mini-break and a light lunch, it’s time for athletic training. As a trainer, keeping our Denver, Boulder, and Austin athletes in their peak condition stays our top priority. We understand that each sport requires different training regimes, hence, at Core Progression, we have a specialized Athletic Training system that caters to varied sports needs.

Evening: Physical Therapy Sessions

Late afternoons to evenings are often dedicated to physical therapy sessions. It’s always a delight to help people recover from injuries or relieve chronic pain. Our experienced physical therapists in Arvada, CO, use a personalised approach to help patients return to normal functioning.

By the end of the day, what gives me immense satisfaction is to see our clients leave the gym feeling good about themselves. That’s when I know that we’ve made a difference and that’s what keeps us going at Core Progression Personal Training. Join us on this journey of health, wellness and constant growth.